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Timeline of a Cult - Updated Regularly!

Before I flick the lights off and disappear from this blog (never fear, it'll still be up, I just won't be posting regular updates), I thought a timeline of the IWWB group might be in order. 

I had started this sometime ago (but never got it finished) and it's by no means comprehensive, however it does give the reader a reasonable outline of the various teachings, doctrinal shifts and the important milestones in the evolution of Mike Vinson's IWWB cult-group.  

The blue LINK text provides a link to another webpage, video, PDF or blog article that gives credence to the claim made in the timeline, so feel free to fact-check. 

If anyone out yonder in the inter-webs has more info, feel free to comment and I can update this. 

Pre 1963
Mike Vinson involved in "Pentecostal" Christianity. No further information available.

Mike Vinson involved in the WWCG, under Herbert W. Armstrong. Presumably attending multiple services a week, eschewing birthdays, Christmas, Easter and Halloween, and tithing 30% of his income, all as per WWCG doctrine. 

LINK 1 Webpage (IWWB)
LINK 2 Webpage (IWWB)

Mike Vinson attends WWCG "Big Sandy" Texas Campus to study under Herbert W Armstrong.

LINK 1 Webpage (Wikipedia)

Mike Vinson employed by WWCG and works in mail-room of the Pasadena Campus, answering letters from eager subscribers. 
Regarding the position, Vinson states the following:
Our main function was to analyze what had been said by Mr. Armstrong in His letters and programs that had prompted any donations...
LINK 1 Webpage (Wikipedia)

Mike Vinson leaves employment with the WWCG, taking a severance package offered to him by Richard Rice and relocates to Georgia. Vinson says the termination of his employment was pre-empted by him publicly airing concerns about some of the WWCG doctrines: 

To make a long story a little shorter, I made the mistake of voicing my questions about several doctrines to several of my co- workers. Word got back to the head of the mail department, and he called me in for a conference. His name was Richard Rice. Mr. Rice was kind enough to allow me to take a severance package and move back to Georgia...
LINK 1 Webpage (IWWB)

Mike Vinson becomes involved with Concordant Publishing Organisation - CPO. 

No further information available. Note: Ray Smith of bible-truths fame was also involved with the CPO, as evidenced by a link on his 2001 website. 

LINK 1 Webpage (IWWB)
LINK 2 Webpage (Concordant Publishing)
LINK 3 Webpage (WayBack Machine Internet Archive)

Mike Vinson launches IWWB on-line, with three papers initially posted: "Strong Delusion," "Rightly Dividing," and "The Law of Moses Versus The Law of The Spirit."

Ray Smith launches bible-truths website publishing the paper "Exposing Those Who Contradict."

LINK 1 Webpage

Mike Vinson affiliated with and endorsed by Ray Smith of bible-truths. Vinson's articles are linked and shared on Ray's website, and readers have their emails to "Ray and Mike" posted on the bible-truths forum. Additionally, a 2005 archive of the forum contains an "I Disagree" section.

Smith says of Vinson's article on God's sovereignty: "Ray highly recommends everyone read this Scripture-packed paper by his good friend..."

LINK 1 (WayBack Machine Internet Archive - Bible-Truths)
LINK 2 (WayBack Machine Internet Archive - BT Forum)

2005 -2006
Mike Vinson's infamous "Revelation Commentary" published on-line, whereby Vinson and spiritual associate Rob Jones declare themselves sinless. The stand out q
uote from that commentary is: "We no longer commit sin..." 

Among this memorable one-liner, are a world of many other bizarre statements and doctrines! On his website, Vinson stated the following regarding the commentary:
Rob Jones has spent many hours on the phone with me. Together we have accumulated many of the verses which give the symbols of the book of Revelation their force and meaning. As we can find the time, we will be going through the Unveiling Of Jesus Christ chapter by chapter. Coming to see where the symbols come from and what they mean will give the entire Bible new meaning.
The Lord will probably return before we get to chapter 22, but we will just do what we can as we can. This is a never before published approach to this book. I pray that God will give us the opportunity to make this available to all as a witness to "the testimony of Jesus Christ.
LINK 1 Webpage (WayBack Machine Internet Archive)
LINK 2 Blog article
LINK 3 Downloadable Zip File of Revelation Commentary

May 2006
Ray Smith of bible-truths parts ways with Vinson over the Revelation commentary and publishes "The Mike Vinson I No Longer Know" on his website, as a hidden link. Smith also bans various members from the forum who ask too many questions or attempt to re-hash the issue over and over, ad infinitum. 

Smith states that Vinson engaged in a smear campaign and overtly lied about both him personally, and his biblical teachings, in order to win a following for himself. 

Regarding Vinson's claim of being no longer capable of sinning, Smith succinctly and brilliantly summaries Mike's position with this statement:
What is one’s spiritual condition if he says he no longer sins? "His [God’s] word is NOT in us." So all those days before Mike repented, he argued and argued for the trustworthiness of his Revelation commentary. Were those arguments for the trustworthiness of his paper "God’s word," in as much in the same breath he was stating that he no longer sins? 
If his arguments FOR his heretical commentary were "NOT God’s word in him" at that time, how did the commentary become God’s word after he repented of claming sinlessness, inasmuch as Mike NEVER DID REPENT OF ALL OF THE REST OF THE HERESY IN HIS COMMENTARY? Read that again a few times and maybe you will get it.
The following is a screenshot of the webpage in question (link below) that contains the succinct statements of Smith's along with some other very specific comments regarding the behaviour of Mike Vinson and his associate Rob Jones. Click the image to enlarge it:

LINK 1 Webpage (Bible-Truths)

A history of the first ten years of IWWB published, with the title and several text quotations within the article outing Mike Vinson as an observer of "days, months, times and years," thereby breaking his own sacred doctrine, AKA being a total religious hypocrite! 

Quote from the webpage in question:
This is the tenth year since this site was first on the internet. We went online in October of 1997...
Screenshot with annotation below:

Many members mentioned in the article have since left the group of their own accord, or were dis-fellowshipped. Some former members now hold to an atheist position, and reject Christianity completely. 

LINK 1 Webpage (IWWB)

Vinson begins to emphasise "days, months, times and years" and prescribes a a verbatim and copycat doctrine of the WWCG doctrine on birthdays, Christmas (and any other celebratory event) and as a result, covertly and without due process, removes many people from the IWWB fellowship over this matter whilst publicly stating that he is an outcast, is rejected and is hated of all men. 

Vinson refers to those who do not yield to his mindset as: babes in Christ, immature, weak, carnal, detractors, heretics, hangers-on and more. Around this time, Mitch Kuhn becomes very much actively involved in the IWWB fellowship and dismantles his own home bible-study group over the same topic and doctrine.

Vinson also plays the "be of one mind" scripture quote as a way of killing any debate on the topic, and begins to refer to specific individuals within the fellowship as "elders of the body of Christ." 

The group generally begins to exhibit cult-like tendencies from here on out, and refer to themselves as "THE" body of Christ, with emphasis on the definitive article, "the."

LINK 1 YouTube video
LINK 2 YouTube playlist

Vinson repackages and window-dresses his "we no longer commit sin" doctrine, stating that: "the day comes when you do overcome sin..."

CF with the 2006 "Revelation Commentary" where Vinson (and Rob Jones) state the following: 
Sin no longer has dominion over us. Sin and the past are no longer a part of us now that we are in Christ and have Christ in us... (ch. 11)
It is that which purges us from the power of sin and is what makes us no longer under the dominion of sin... (ch. 12)
LINK 1 YouTube playlist

Vinson and his elders upload the Catholic inspired logo of another Christian group, the "Angus Dei" (the official logo of the Moravian church) as a part of their IWWB FaceBook promotional page. Vinson is both an "admin" and an "officer" of the FaceBook page in question. 

When taken to task about it, Vinson refuses to repent, or acknowledge the error and instead, refers to the image as "gold silver and precious stones..." and in doing so, fails miserably to live up to his advertised claim that he is "easily entreat-able."

LINK 1 YouTube playlist
LINK 2 Blog article
LINK 3 WebPage (Wikipedia - Angus Dei Image)
LINK 4 YouTube video

Vinson declares his sons (and their respective wives) to be "not a part of the body of Christ any-more" as they refuse to become involved in the IWWB fellowship group. 

Vinson refers to them as "vessels of dishonour" and says he endures "disrespect" and "hatred" at their hands, and that as a result, he is "through with it." 

When questioned about these public statements concerning his sons, Vinson states he is sorry for using their names, but not for calling them out, and he again refers to them as "causing divisions" and "scattering the flock" -
I have apologized to my sons for allowing that to be posted, but I cannot apologize for the content of what was said since I am commanded to “mark those who cause divisions,” even if it is my own sons. 
That is what I have done, and I made those statements to those who were a part of what had taken place, which is simply following the instructions of scripture, and the example of the apostles themselves. Paul rebuked the apostles Peter and Barnabas “before them all”, and we are commanded to do the same when a brother or a sister in our fellowship attempts to scatter the flock with false doctrines as my own sons were doing.
Annotated screenshot attached below. Click to enlarge:

LINK 1 YouTube playlist
LINK 2 Webpage (IWWB)

IWWB elder Mitch Kuhn authors a study titled "How to Wage Spiritual Warfare" whereby he states that true discipleship is evidenced by a Christian refusing to take part in birthdays and other celebratory events. 

This is why Days, Months, Times and Years is so important. It is a key way that the Lord manifests what is in our hearts. It is fine for new soldiers to struggle with this initially, but before we lay hands on them, call them a fellow disciple, and send them off to strengthen others, we must see them stand up for the truth and wage war...
LINK 1 Blog article
LINK 2 PDF document

Vinson again repackages his "we no longer commit sin" doctrine, stating: "But the day comes, when sin no longer has dominion over you..."

CF with the 2006 "Revelation Commentary"
Sin no longer has dominion over us. Sin and the past are no longer a part of us now that we are in Christ and have Christ in us... (ch. 11)
It is that which purges us from the power of sin and is what makes us no longer under the dominion of sin... (ch. 12)
LINK 1 YouTube playlist

IWWB elders Mitch Kuhn and David Turnbull (Turnbull has since been excommunicated) compose a dossier titled "Funding God's Ministry" whereby they lay out rules for IWWB members and order that wages be given to Mike Vinson and the other teachers of the fellowship. 

Paying God’s ministers the wages they are due is being rich towards God. They are God’s spiritual employees. How do we treat God’s servants?
Mike Vinson initially endorses the teaching however later, when there is blow-back from the IWWB disciples, Vinson backflips, and states he was a "reluctant contributor" and was "not the driving force behind that study..." 

LINK 1 YouTube playlist
LINK 2 PDF Document
LINK 3 Audio
LINK 4 YouTube playlist
LINK 5 PDF Document

Ray Smith of bible-truths passes away (May 23rd) due to a "long battle with prostate and bone cancer."

LINK 1 Webpage

Vinson is featured on popular anti-WWCG blog "Banned by HWA" under an article titled: "Another Splinter Cult COG Leader Who Says He No Longer Sins."

LINK 1 Webpage (Banned by HWA)

Mitchell Kuhn and the IWWB "elders" speculate on whether IWWB members are merely "disciples" or "disciples indeed." They also propose an involved and legalistic framework for receiving money into the fellowship including discussions on tax law, and whether IWWB should be incorporated as a 501(c) entity.

LINK 1 PDF document
LINK 2 PDF document
LINK 3 PDF document

Cult expert Rick Ross, who has appeared on the Dr Phil show and in court cases as an expert in his field, weighs in on the IWWB group, declaring it: "a classic cult."

LINK 1 Webpage (Cult Education Forum)
LINK 2 Blog article

A conference call is setup whereby Vinson's sons (and two other excommunicated members) contend with their father Mike and the general IWWB fellowship over the issue of "days, months, times and years" and the manner in which people have been treated on this issue.

Vinson's son Wayne is called a "heretic" on the meeting by elder Mitch Kuhn and the call ends with Vinson saying that he and his elders determine doctrine via the Matthew 18 process. Moreover, Mike Vinson goes on to state that the "majority" opinion rules the day where doctrine and interpretation of scripture is concerned, but only so far as he and his IWWB group are involved. In all other instances, the majority is wrong and is evidence of deception. 

Lastly, both Mitch Kuhn and Mike Vinson contradict themselves on the call, with Vinson stating that "nobody's ever been put out over days, months, times and years" whilst Kuhn states that "if you are [keeping days, months, times and years], then we're going to ask you to leave."

LINK 1 Audio
LINK 2 YouTube video
LINK 3 YouTube video

IWWB elder Mitch Kuhn contradicts Mike Vinson, (and the bible) by stating: "There are no books of the bible written by anyone that we know fell away from the faith..."

When a video is made about this topic, and released on YouTube, Kuhn fallaciously and dishonestly changes his statement (without any acknowledgement) to say "no books of the new testament."

LINK 1 Webpage (Trying the Spirits)
LINK 2 YouTube video

IWWB elder and webmaster Steve Crook comments on anti-Vinson/IWWB blog "iwwbexposed" stating that the IWWB group "hides nothing" and moreover, that the entire premise of the blog is based in "outright lies." 

When Crook's comments are addressed, and screen grabs of IWWB password protected content is provided, thereby disproving Crook's assertion the group "hides nothing," Crook becomes mysteriously silent and stonewalls all further attempts at communication.

LINK 1 Blog article
LINK 2 Blog article

Mike Vinson, Mitch Kuhn and other ordained "elders" remove several people from the IWWB fellowship cult over statements from these individuals that they are not exclusively following the IWWB leaders and elders, but rather "Christ" directly, and personally. 

The implication with these statements are that the relationships of these individuals with God, are not necessarily realised via the mechanism of IWWB.

Vinson declares these individuals to be "diseased branches" and "rebels" while Kuhn goes further and refers to them as: "dogs," "swine" and "lepers" and says that to speak with them, is akin to having sexual relations with a pig, and ejaculating into the animal.

LINK 1 Audio
LINK 2 Blog article

Vinson overtly states that without him and the sacrifices he and the other IWWB elders are making, nobody can be saved. Vinson further states that just as Christ was sacrificed for the sins of humanity, so too is he an offering for the sins of the world. 

LINK 1 Audio
LINK 2 Webpage (IWWB)
LINK 3 YouTube video

Vinson attempts to address "alleged contradictions in scripture." His talk and article contain all of one scriptural dichotomy (Matthew 5:39 versus James 4:7) and no plausible explanation is given to explain the issues, except for Vinson to bemoan the fact that the scriptures are under attack from (what he terms) an increasingly godless society. 

Vinson spends the majority of the article lambasting homosexual unions, scientific method, the supreme court, the democratic party, the public school system and much more. He also refers to recent dream he had in which he openly admits that he subconsciously harbours intent to kill Muslims and those who are aligned with Islamic state. Curiously, Vinson also refers to the fact that his acolytes should be prepared to die for their beliefs.

LINK 1 Webpage (IWWB)
LINK 2 Audio

Vinson refers to IWWB explicitly as a "church." In an article titled: "Who Has Sinned Wilfully, and What Are the Consequences?" Vinson states the following:
If you were in the church I am in, you would know that “live by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God” includes the verse you so fear...
If you were in the church I am in, you would know that “when we are judged in the “judgement and fiery indignation” of Heb. 10:26-27, that judgement will accomplish what all judgement is intended to accomplish...
While there is indeed a judgement, which is “fiery indignation”, it is still “judgement”, and if you were in the church I am in, you would know that it is that “fiery judgement… the lake of fire”, God’s elect, who will be used of God to save all men of all time
LINK 1 Webpage (IWWB)

Mike Vinson bitches, whines and rants that he and his acolytes (and other believers) can no longer legally discriminate against homosexuals by refusing them service. Vinson also overstates the #SCOTUS ruling and in doing so, reveals his own petty attitudes and openly-discriminatory behaviour. 

Father Vinson speaks of so-called "earthquakes" that will result from this ruling, stating that they will "soon become evident." One wonders how, exactly? Mike Vinson writes:
Just today (Friday, June 26, 2015) the supreme court has indeed ruled that marriage is to be accepted legally as including same-sex marriages. 
This outwardly is a great earthquake, and its destructive power will soon become evident. This is just one of the many signs of the times in which we live. 
It is now illegal to refuse to serve those who want us to partake of this perverse lifestyle. As of this day it is now illegal for a florist to refuse to cater a same sex marriage, for a baker to refuse to cater a same sex marriage, or for a student to profess his or her faith in the Word of God. As of today it is now illegal to teach your children that homosexuality is an abomination to God.
LINK 1 Webpage (IWWB)

Mitch Kuhn - the IWWB deputy-dog who stated that to speak with former members of the cult group is akin to having sex with a pig and ejaculating into the animal - ramps up his YouTube channel adding hour plus bible studies, obviously in an effort to win more converts for father Vinson and the IWWB cult group. Mitch's topics and videos include broad generalisations and sweeping statements that only highlight how truly convinced of his own position he has become. 

In one video, Mitch dons a cowboy hat and encourages people to visit his website. Actual screenshot pictured below:

In another video, Mitch openly admits he has taken part in a travelling threesome with two older ladies. Quote:
Martha, Karla, and Mitch took a drive down to Corsican...
In the past, IWWB have lambasted members for travelling in mixed company and not "avoiding the appearance of evil." It appears that yet again, IWWB elder/teacher Mitch has not lived up to his own standards. Actual screenshot pictured below:

LINK 1 YouTube channel
LINK 2 YouTube video #1
LINK 3 YouTube video #2

Mitch Kuhn launches a new business venture, aptly titled "Wisdom Financial" with the catch phrase "Low Risk, Low Volatility Investing." The business is staffed by another IWWB member, James Berini who like many in IWWB, is a former WWCoG member

Their about us page states the following:
We are a full-service financial planning firm dedicated to helping you make wise financial decisions. We have assembled a team of professionals to help you develop a solid financial and retirement plan.
Mitch even has his own YouTube channel for the business and in the promo video, dons a suit (but no tie!) and promises his investors they can ride out the financial storms ahead by having Wisdom Financial put together a "tactically managed portfolio." 

Screenshots attached below.

While it is never wise to speculate on the inner machinations of the IWWB group, one does wonder why, all of a sudden, a new business venture has suddenly been sprouted by IWWB's vice president? Especially given Mitch's prior statements on the handling of finance within the IWWB group. Some of Mitch's statements include the following but click the link below (PDF) for an eye opening insight into Mitch's real belief about money:
Being able to participate in GOD'S TRUE MINISTRY [IWWB, of course] on this earth and reap the fruits thereof is a wonderful privilege, reserved for his saints and hidden from the rest of the world... 
To truly bless these ministers [Mike Vinson, and the elders], we should give them our love and affection, and send kind words and letters of encouragement IN ADDITION to our physical support...
Paying God’s ministers the wages they are due is being rich towards God. They are God’s spiritual employees. How do we treat God’s servants?
We no longer need to hoard riches for the future because we now understand that there is no security other than our security in the Lord...
We must become content with less physical things in this world. Our true satisfaction comes from spiritual riches, so all we need in the physical is for our basic needs to be met...
LINK 1 Webpage (Wisdom Financial)
LINK 2 YouTube Channel
LINK 3 PDF Document (Funding God's Ministry) 

December 2015
Mike Vinson authors a study titled: "God Is A Benevolent Dictator Who Came Not To Send Peace But A Sword." Screenshot below:

The entire study appears to be a further elaboration of father Vinson's interpretation of the biblical narrative wherein Jesus and God the Father are actively orchestrating rapes, child molestations, genital mutilation, genocides, war crimes and much more.

More to the point though is that the fact that Vinson now unashamedly refers to his personal god as a "dictator." Small wonder then that in previous studies, Vinson has said that a family ought to be run as a dictatorship

Vinson also makes several bizarre statements within the study, namely that part of the text from Isaiah is now being lived out (or realised) and that soon, he and his acolytes will be endowed with super human power to overcome the (so-called) evil of society:

Here is a quote from the above screenshot:
The beast will be dethroned by Christ, and at that time Christ’s servants will, at His command and with the power of His word, fight against the kingdoms of this physical world. They will not need to do so with a physical military, because at that time they will be abundantly supplied with the power of His word, to physically destroy those kingdoms...
That is exactly [the quotation from Isaiah] what is just now beginning to take place...
Note that when Vinson says "Christ's servants" he is explicitly referring to those within his own fellowship cult group, and not just any cookie cutter Christian.

Vinson also cannot resist the urge to inform his disciples that family and friends will turn on them and hate them and that this is a key component of the work of god in their lives:

His ‘sword’ which He sends in this earth with which we wage spiritual warfare, and with which He separates us from our families and friends in this world, is not a physical sword, but it is the sword of His word...
Lastly, here is a picture of Joseph Stalin, who according to Mike Vinson, demonstrates some very Christ-like qualities, namely that of being a dictator and treating people like disposable goods. 

Stalin's kill-tally isn't anything on God's of course, but basic estimates say approximately 20 million, which include: 
  • 14.5 million needlessly starved to death
  • 1 million executed for political "offences"
  • 9.5 million more deported, exiled or imprisoned in work camps
Vinson yet again demonstrates how far his is from the core tenets of Christianity (ironically at Christmas and over the holiday season) and proves with his own words that he has indeed left all of the key components of Jesus' teaching such as loving one's fellow man, doing good to others etc. all in a vain effort to forge his own version of the biblical narrative. 

Small wonder he and his group have been branded a "classic cult" by cult expert Rick Ross. 

LINK 1 Webpage (IWWB)
LINK 2 Webpage (Cult Education Forum)
LINK 3 Webpage (Joseph Stalin Killer File)

January 2016
Mike Vinson announces an "around the world trip" on his IWWB website, and dubs it the "Grace and Peace Tour 2016." Perhaps even Mike may begin to sell t-shirts, coffee mugs and keychains with this catch-phrase on them? Who knows!

No doubt Mike will be preaching about his Herbert W. Armstrong inspired benevolent dictator god who is upset about birthdays and marriage anniversaries and how one is to be hated of their family and friends in order to be truly saved by the lady-boy saviours of IWWB. 

Perhaps even Mike may preach about how one cannot follow IWWB apart from the mechanism of IWWB and how others have been ejected from the fellowship for daring to voice such an opinion? Get your tickets for the Grace and Peace world tour featuring rock-star minister Mike Vinson! Screenshot below:

The present itinerary includes the USA, Canada, Fiji, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa and the Caribbean and kicks off in a little over a month. 

LINK 1 Webpage (IWWB)

January 2016
Mike Vinson's disciples "indeed" have shown their love by leaving remarks and comments on the YouTube channel that accompanies this blog. 

It should be noted that the present crop of disciples populating camp IWWB seriously lack critical thinking skills and so as a result, cannot form or communicate coherent and factual arguments supporting their cause but instead, rely on fallacies such as imputing motive, the quoting of scripture and in one case, outright cursing and the use of vulgar metaphor to get their points across. 

Here is the most recent, Mr. Eugene Brown:

No comment from Mr Brown about the questionable doctrines or practice of Mike Vinson and no comment regarding the "lies" that Mike's daughters in law openly state that he (Mike) has said about them. Much easier it seems to "play the man, and not the ball" when it comes to defending cult-leader Vinson.

Here is another from a while back. This is the "sweet smelling" love you will experience from IWWB's disciples if you ever question them or call them out:

Let me just quote these for you:
You people are so fucking stupid... Must be hard being so blind you fucking puppet... 
I hope you hear the pop when you pull your head out of your ass...
Just charming isn't it? By their fruits we will know Mike Vinson's disciples, of that you can be assured. 

Here is another from an IWWB elder who (from what I am told) divorced his wife so as to marry anew into the fellowship. Note the loving tone of this brother and the very engaging way he is able to convey his points:

IWWB elder Pete Wilson railed at me for being "evil" and told me: "what a pathetic miserable life you lead..." 

In a move that isn't surprising, he offered to reply to me but after I responded repeatedly, he refused to dialogue, much like soft-cock son in the faith elder Steven Crook, AKA Saint Eve.  

So in truth, IWWB elder Pete Wilson lied to me, just like Mike and his elders are inclined to do whenever it suits them to do so! 

You know you're pushing the right buttons when the feral members and elders of IWWB take the time out of their studies to post up these niceties and show me the love they talk so much about. 

April 2016 (1)

An anonymous commenter leaves a comment on the "iwwbexposed" blog (on the post with the most comments; Preamble: About Mike Vinson and IWWB) stating that IWWB's leaders are encouraged to have sexual relations with women in the fellowship whose husbands are not part of the IWWB group. This person's comments are as follows:
Some of their leaders are supported to sleep even with their married ladies whose husbands/wives do not attend IWAWB. They further manipulate these married followers to destroy their marriages by teaching that their unbelieving spouses are from Babylon. I am talking from experience...
I added to the comment thread letting this person know I was aware of several sexual scandals in the fellowship, namely the following:
  • One rabid IWWB member who was married at the time (this person is male, his wife was not an IWWB member) was having sex with prostitutes whilst also becoming romantically involved with a woman within the fellowship. Vinson was notified of the goings-on but chose to do nothing
  • Elder (i.e. Mike Vinson ass-licker) Pete Wilson was encouraged to leave his wife/family and then married into the IWWB fellowship with a woman he had never met before, who was from another country
  • An alias was setup (by myself) named Dr. Cartwright. Emails were sent to Vinson about this fictional individuals marriage re issues arising from strictly following the teachings of IWWB. The advice (from Vinson himself) was to follow the teachings of IWWB and further, to expect and/or prepare to have the marriage fall apart.
    Vinson essentially made out that this was to be the case if one were truly following Christ and "the truth"
Based on these first hand experiences, I have little doubt as to the veracity of the anonymous commenters post. 

All I can say is that Mike Vinson's fellowship appears (yet again) to be sliding further into the deep and murky waters of religious extremism. History shows us many examples of this kind of group behaviour, especially those that are overseen by those leaders who are deluded into believing they have "the truth" to the exclusion of all others. 

April 2016 (2)

The anonymous commenter referenced above sends through a detailed 5-page document about the "sins" of IWWB that this person has experienced first hand including an as-yet unnamed IWWB "leader" who took part in promiscuity with another persons wife. 

Mike Vinson, when called out on his leaders conduct attempts to skirt the issue and instead says that it is a God ordained opportunity for the offended party to show forgiveness. Simply put, it appears that just as in the experience of others, Mike Vinson takes no responsibility for the actions of those he has endorsed as leaders. 

The following in an excerpt of the word document that highlights this issue:
Well, my very dear friend’s marriage recently shattered because of the promiscuity of one of IWWB’s leaders with my friend’s spouse. Your response has further confirmed what my very close friend (whom I’ll alias as X) told me, about the immoral practices IWWB leaders are engaged in. 
My friend said that they support and have casual sex frequently with married spouses of non-members all under the umbrella of the body of Christ.
He said, their leaders use crazy doctrines like ‘we do not have free-will’ as a license to commit adultery. After which they put the blame on God for their sins instead of their mental laziness. “God is in control,” they say, “we have no control over ourselves like creeping animals.” “God caused the separation.” “God made us destroy the marriage.” 
By choosing to blame almost anything on an invisible God, they have adopted the culture of not accepting the responsibility to correct their mess. This type of life leads to isolation, depression, and complete madness. To make matters worse, when their leaders open the scriptures, they see other people's shortcomings instead of theirs. I believe IWWB is a cult where people have voluntarily made themselves mad men and women by choice
The article I sent about "some of their leaders are supported to sleep even with… married ladies whose husbands/wives do not attend IWWB" is a first-hand experienceI thought it best to use my article to alert the remaining brainwashed members about the on-going promiscuity among IWWB leaders.
It was a recent incident involving an affair with one IWWB leader and my very close friend’s spouse. My friend's marriage has already hit the rocks because of the adultery that was committed
Going on further, the anonymous commenter had this to say about the details of the situation that is outlined above. Note here, the evasive tactics of Mike Vinson, when confronted about the obvious sins in his own camp:
My friend X who is not a member of IWWB said he spoke to Mike Vinson via Skype with the hope to save his marriage and correct this error in the fellowship as he thought at the time. Mike Vinson did not remove this leader from the fellowship. According to X, Mike Vinson suggested that God was the person doing it. Mike Vinson quoted several scriptures and sent several emails and then suggested to X that maybe God was using the situation to teach him how to learn forgiveness. Mike Vinson was attempting to use Matthew 18 to resolve an issue of adultery with X. According to my friend, he became even more outraged with Mike Vinson. 
Should anyone be surprised at this? Probably not. Mike Vinson has done this previously, when confronted about the goings-on of others in his fellowship. Continuing:
My friend corrected that Matthew 18 was used for brothers that shared same faith. My friend added that Matthew 18 has nothing to do with the sexual immorality between his leader and the spouse involved. Moreover, my friend said, he could never identify himself with IWWB fellowship or consider himself as their brother. According to X he told Mike that in Hebrew 13:4, “Marriage should be honoured by all (including IWWB), and the marriage bed kept pure, for God will judge the adulterer and all the sexually immoral.” However, Mike Vinson did not like this; he kept persuading X to see it from the light of Matthew 18
My friend told Mike Vinson that if he suggests that his perverted leader is a brother, then he is supposed to have the knowledge of Deuteronomy 22:1-4, where it encourages a brother to care for anything that belongs to another brother until he comes looking for it. It never encourages misusing or abusing a neighbour’s spouse. My friend also showed Mike Vinson Exodus 20:17 which clearly says “You shall not covet your neighbour’s house. You shall not covet your neighbour’s wife, or his male or female servant, his ox or donkey, or anything that belongs to your neighbour." 
And what was Mike's reaction to these obvious errors in his logic? 
My friend said Mike Vinson was very evasive when he showed him these scriptures and few others. Instead, he continues to refer my friend to Matthew 18. My friend, said that Mike Vinson must be insane to have tried to use his false doctrines to convince or persuade that God is trying to use the broken marriage and adultery to teach forgiveness. 
My friend said he asked Mike Vinson what about the children that are now going to be from a broken home as a result? What has Matthew 18 got to do with them? Is God also trying to use adultery to teach their kids forgiveness?
Sadly, Mike Vinson and his cult of personality has destroyed yet another marriage and it seems this kind of questionable conduct from those who say they are "God's very elect" and are to be future world leaders leaves an awful lot to be desired.

The full document from the anonymous commenter can be found at the link below:

LINK 1 PDF Document

April 2016 (3)
Contact is again made with the blog IWWB exposed by the anonymous commentator referenced in the above updates (see both previous April 2016 entries, 1 and 2) and the IWWB elder mentioned in the above entries is named as Ayo Fabiyi. 

Image Source: FaceBook

Here is a short snippet of the information received:
According to my friend, the full name of this teacher or leader is Ayo FabiyiYou should be able to see where Mike Vinson mentioned this perverted leader's name as Ayo in one of his silly articles titled, "Whosoever Is Fearful And Afraid, Let Him Return And Depart Early” You can cut and paste the article’s link below:( 
Mike Vinson, the cult leader, wrote in his introduction: “Two months ago I mentioned to Mitch that I was feeling a bit overwhelmed with the volume of e- mails concerning the heresies we were dealing with at that time. I was telling Mitch how much I appreciated the way Ayo had helped me to cope with the heresies that were attempting to creep into the flock at that time...” 
Of course, Ayo Fabiyi was and is still helping Mike Vinson to cope with the same heresies that he and all the leaders of IWWB are using to satisfy their sexual orgies on gullible married women, and to enslave them as their sexual victims (like in the case of my friend’s ex-spouse)
Another document has been sent and is available for download.
This document outlines the behaviour of this IWWB elder/leader and details the goings on according to the anonymous commentator. Here is another small snippet of the document where several allegations are made about IWWB elder and leader Ayo:

My friend told me that he later discovered that while Ayo Fabiyi was sleeping with his then married spouse, Ayo paid for the divorce application that she filed against him. Ayo was helping my friend’s ex-spouse as his soon to be a wife and as a member of IWWB. My friend said he could not believe that the covetousness of a so-called leader in the fellowship as he thought, could get to such an extreme. My friend stated that during the quagmire, he later discovered Ayo paid for the divorce application to convince the ex-spouse of his strong commitment to giving her the marriage he had promised her and their children.  
During the saga, my friend told me that what pained him the most was that after Ayo Fabiyi’s secrets had been exposed, he could not eventually give the ex-spouse the marriage he promised. It was later found that Mike Vinson’s perverted leader (Ayo) deceived her as a married follower of Mike’s false doctrine just to take advantage of what was under her legs.
Indeed. What a sordid and sorry turn of events from those who claim they are God's elect and are to be the leaders of the world to come. 

LINK 1 PDF Document

June 2016

Contact is again made with the blog IWWB exposed by the anonymous commentator referenced in the April updates. It appears that longtime IWWB elder and former Muslim "Ayo" is doing his best to avoid detection by changing his name on social media platforms. 
The anonymous commentator writes the following in a direct message:
"Ayo",who works as a British pharmacist in London has recently updated his names on Facebook page from Ayo Fabiyi to Fabiyi Ayokunle due to his exposed promiscuous behaviour as published on the IWWB exposed blog under the post Time-Line of a Cult (note: see "April 2016" articles 1-3) 
The cult's delusional doctrine that "there is no-freewill" or "we don’t have control over ourselves like animals" has been exposed. Which they have used to worm their way into homes and gain control over gullible women, abuse and have sex with these women; and cause their innocent children to be raised in broken homes because of the separation and divorce that results. But do not be deceived, they are not the first and will not be the last. 
The bible has already revealed them and what they will do to homes in 2 Timothy 3:4-6. WARNING Husbands and wives beware of Fabiyi Ayokunle (aka Ayo Fabiyi) and his online IWWB cult members if you want to keep your sacred marriage and family safe. They are wolves dressed in sheep's clothes disguising themselves as Christ's elect. Please, keep all loved ones informed about Fabiyi Ayokunle aka Ayo Fabiyi and his evil Online IWWB cult group. Do not let them steal, kill and destroy your family. They are fulfilling the works of the devil to steal, kill and destroy.
As has been observed again and again, Mike and his band of deluded sycophant elders will do all they can to avoid their own sins being exposed whilst simultaneously pointing fingers at society, their own family and fellow members of IWWB. While this new episode is indeed new information, it is certainly not surprising given the groups past actions.

August 2016 (1)
Through a contact within the IWWB body fellowship mailing list, I have been sent numerous screenshots of questionable content from IWWB members. 

This includes admissions of porn addiction, Mike Vinson stating that divorce is perfectly fine and Mike's wife Sandi Vinson adhering and promoting her own version of "days, months, times and years."

The following screenshots highlight the obvious double-standards and shameless hypocrisy within the IWWB cult-group.

Firstly, here's "Camp Porno:"

You can click to enlarge the image, but brother porno confesses to the following:
  • Watching porn!
  • Speaking vulgarly
  • Being lascivious and lusty
So much for being in the "one true body" of Christ! There appears to be zero difference with this guy and some other garden variety Christian hypocrite whacking their sausage off to who knows what on the Internets. Or, brother Ayo who did the nasty with another married woman. You can't make this stuff up, can you?

Next up, here's Mike's wife Sandi who says there won't be a bible study because it's the fifth Sunday of the month. Ah, say what? 

Despite flogging believers in the group for adhering to "days, months, times and years" (i.e. just another bullshit doctrine Mike has stolen from the WWCoG) it seems that sister Sandi can pull the exact same trick but dress it up a little differently and nobody in the fellowship blinks twice. Yep, true story:

Again, click to enlarge but the standout quote from the screengrab is: 
...being a fifth Sunday, there will be no study... the four times this occurs each year helps...
Just more hypocrisy here with camp Vinson. You gotta expect this really! Here's one from brother Mitch, espousing the same thing:

Mitch says there's no study and why? Because it's the "fifth Sunday..." What's that got to do with anything and if we aren't observing days, months, times and years, why would this even matter? 

Next up, here's father Mike stroking the ego of himself and his co-dependant believer buddies by stating that his BFF Jesus (of IWWB) will be turning up... oh, anytime soon. 

It could be tomorrow, might be next week, might be a few years. Here's poppa V laying the dribble on super thick:

Mike says the following:
It may be several years, or it could be tomorrow but we are on the cusp of the most revolutionary times since the flood of Noah... Lift up your heads for your redemption is near...
Vinson really is drowning in his own fantastical bullshit here. A global flood is quite literally an impossibility for a number of logistical and scientific reasons. But it appears for Mike Vinson at least, it's much easier to just ignore any facts and instead promote your own version of Jewish folk-lore in order to win a following for yourself. Hey the bible says it, it must be true! 

Lastly, here's Pope Vinson stating that divorce is perfectly fine. In fact, Jesus did it, so it's all good in the IWWB-hood. 

He's got all of one scripture to back himself up here but those kinds of odds have never deterred him before.

Mike says the following:
It was Christ who initiated divorce from Israel... There comes a time when open rebellion must be acknowledged by filing for and giving a bill of divorce. A woman who refuses to submit to her husband and who refuses to reverence her husband for weeks, months and years on end has also left her husband even as she continues to live under his roof... He [Christ] was justified in initiating divorce proceedings...
If you haven't already spotted it, Mike is incredibly adept at spinning the rhetoric to get himself or his acolytes off the marriage hook. 

I'm truly mind boggled as to what it is that Mike is referring to when he mentions "reverence her husband." It all seems to smack of the values of yesteryear. You know, where wife beatings and domestic violence took place behind closed doors and Mr. and Mrs. America with their white picket fences were really a pair of sexually repressed assholes who secretly had affairs on each other.  

As has been mentioned previously, Mike has encouraged sexual relationships within his fellowship cult-group. And a by-product of this is that legitimate marriages have been destroyed so that a brother and sister within the IWWB group can legally get in each others pants, with Mike's blessings and encouragement along the way. 

August 2016 (2)
Note: This post is a "teaser," a full post on this topic will be forthcoming.

An IWWB member posts to the IWWB mailing list/discussion board (i.e. a private Google group) claiming to have biblical evidence that the earth is flat. His post is titled: "The Earth is Flat - Get Over It."

The deluded IWWB cult member states the following:
I have been hearing and reading about the earth being flat and I would like to mention this idea to you. And with it, the idea that the earth is not moving and the universe is not heliocentric. 
There have always been people believing in a flat earth, but a year or some more ago, a revival of this idea started, so some of you might have heard about it, in short: 
  • Nasa is a military institution and is said to be lying about the shape of the earth and the (very few) pictures we think we have of the earth are fake compositions made by artists.
  • There are no satellites as we know it and the GPS system is land based. 
If this is true, then you first realize that the global model is nothing more than a theory and it gives room to question it. A lot of things can be explained in a global model as well as in the flat earth model. So which model is the right one? In the flat model, the sun and the moon have the same size and are only a few thousand miles above the earth, circling around. The idea is that Antarctica is all around the earth and the north pole is in the middle. The position and the courses of the stars are easily explained in the flat model, just like everybody believed 500 years ago. Back then you also had astronomers that had working models.
This brother then posts an image file in his email showing the supposed "flat earth" model he refers to in the above email text:

As I find the time, I will post more of this brothers discussion!


  1. hey Bill I think you're pretty spot on on everything except for one thing. Mike's split with Ray was about do Gods elect endure his wrath specifically in the revelation commentary under the seven last plagues. I know this to be the case because I too with Rob Jones was working with Mike on the revelation commentary at that time, had many conversations about it with Mike. it's a minor point I know but otherwise not a bad timeline.

    1. Hi Steve. It's probably splitting hairs a little, but I know the catalyst for the breakup with Ray was over the Revelation commentary.

      Ray I believe lost a lot of respect for Daddy Mike and Father Mike likewise, got mega butt-hurt when his ground-breaking Revelation commentary wasn't received with the celebrity red-carpet style treatment he had expected.

      As I've pointed out here, there is a LOT in that commentary that Mike never acknowledged or admitted was wrong. Statements such as: "Yes, Christ is actually saying he will kill his elect with death…" and "We, the elect, don’t make friends with those of the world or church because we know that people who do are the enemy of God…"

      And there are also the semantics that Mike repeated in 2010 and 2012 about being given "dominion" over sin. Hmm.

      You are correct though in that ultimately, the split was over the specific issue of whether one is appointed to wrath or not.

      I will say this, that this issue was the beginning of Mike taking scripture and attempting to personalise it in such a way that is both destructive and counter-productive. This mindset is what has now led to Mike seeing himself as an "elder" and his IWWB group as the "persecuted few" that God is working with.

      Mike's particular delusion seems to be that the bible is all about him, and his group of followers. He inserts himself into the narrative and wants desperately to believe it is all about him and so he acts the way he does and says the things he does as a result.

  2. You must've reeeally gotten butt-hurt buddy... I mean an entire blog dedicated to this? It's not even monetize-able. Sad.

    That is all.

    1. Is this the best defence you can muster for master Vinson? Out of all the information here, the best you can throw up is an ad-hominem?

      And why would I want to monetize the blog? I actually have a great job and have no need to ask people for money or tell them God wants them to shower me with "double honour" or some such BS.