Saturday, 5 July 2014

That's All Folks!

Put simply, it's time to call it a day so far as monitoring the continued shenanigans and unhinged rhetoric of Mike Vinson's iswasandwillbe (IWWB) cult. That goes for this blog, the YouTube page, the Tumblr account and the SoundCloud page.

I have, as of today, disabled the rarely used Twitter account, along with my "Vike-Minson" FaceBook page. The FB page was a heck of a lot of fun along with being highly informative and eye-opening for me. I received countless messages and posts regarding the tactics of Mike and his IWWB cronies and many were able to help me see that Mike's foolish doctrines were simply re-fried and re-packaged versions of Herbert W. Armstrong / WWCoG teachings. 

FB also gave me the rather unpleasant experience of seeing those who I thought were friends, behave exactly like Mike Vinson when I began to question the very bible itself. These people were also shunned by Mike and decried his doctrines but in a good many ways, behaved in precisely the same way when confronted with questioning over their own deeply held beliefs, especially the core fundamentalist mantra that is biblical inerrancy. Very sad.     

Anyway, I have to be honest and say that I have been truly amazed at the amount that has come to the fore since I left the group and began to expose it, around 4 and a half years ago. I literally had no idea of many of the doctrines that lay lurking beneath the surface of this group and in addition, I've also learned a lot myself in that time, coming to understand matters pertaining to history, science and scholarship in far more detail. 

While I won't be making future posts, I will still receive notifications of comments, which are approved by myself first, before they are posted, and of course, I will respond to any such comments.

I am confident that the sheer amount of information I have put out about this group will enable any serious truth-seeker to take a serious "second look" before they join themselves to Mike's sad fundamentalist sideshow. When I became involved, there simply wasn't any disclosure about the practices or true doctrines of this group. For anybody now to willingly join themselves to this group, is nothing short of personal negligence and abject stupidity. 

Alas, there are good many people who fall into such a stereotype, so unfortunately, Mike's little band of hate-filled lemmings will continue to exist. But for me, I'm happy that I've done all I can and it's now time to focus my attention and energies elsewhere. I've looked out for my fellow man and have not hesitated to put this spiritual charlatan on blast for anybody with half a clue to take note of. 

Bon Voyage!

PS - Here are some of the pics from my now defunct Vike Minson FB page. You may get a laugh out of these, or two...

IWWB's principal nut-sack and chief Pharisee, Mitch Kuhn, posted a pic of himself dirt-biking! Strange that, seeing as he has gone out of his way to tell everyone that a back-injury is his "thorn in the flesh." It must be a miracle - halleluljah?!


Various Jesus meme's that highlight how ludicrous IWWB's doctrines really are. Enough said!

Father Mike's former spiritual "father" - Herbert W. Armstrong of World-Wide Church of God fame. Like father, like son; you know it. 

The infamous Moravian seal, which IWWB used in their promotional material. When confronted about using the seal of another church, and which has obvious Catholic overtones, father Mike did his level best to downplay the entire thing and discredited himself as being "easily en-treatable." See HERE for a full blow-by-blow. 

A screen-grab of father Mike touching his nose right after he boldly declared something. Nose-touching (and ear, or face) is a well-documented sign of deceitful body-language. It infers that the person is either making misleading statements, or that they don't really believe what they are saying. 
Here are a few of the tweets I put up on the now defunct Vike Twitter page:
These were all said from the perspective of the "Vike" character and reveal the foolishness of Mike's biblical positions and doctrines:

Remember, when debating a heretic, play the man and not the ball. There's no better way to win support than by exposing his/her char. flaws

Hot-Tip - the word "zealous" can hide and compensate for a plethora of sins. Are u over-the-top, arrogant and prideful? No, you are zealous!

Fruit of the spirit? Give me truth of the spirit instead!!! Truth is black and white, there are no grey areas. #forgetyourconscience

Doctrine and theology trumps a relationship every single time. Don't allow a life-long bond stand in the way of being right. #truth #justice

sects, love and shun and roll - what's not to love about running your own denomination? #truth #millennium #kingdomnowtheology

Brothers and sisters in the faith, it's that time of year again. Set phasers from "stun" to "shun." #disfellowship #shunning #mywayorelse

If you ain't got time for my study group, you ain't got time for Christ. #DontHateMeCauseImRight

Take it up with Christ or send me an email - it amounts to the same thing at the days end. #JesusAnswersPrayerThruMe

Who's your daddy? Me in the millennium that's freakin' who. #discipline #canofwhoopass #blackandwhite #weakinthefaith

Just so you know dissidents: Matthew 18 doesn't apply to me. It only applies to you! That's progressive revelation bitches, u know it.

Favourite hobbies: Exerting dominion over the sheeple, kicking dissident-ass  and shaming heretics. Get on board or get out of my way! AMEN

It's simple: you attack me then you're a carnal minded detractor. I attack you? It's righteous indignation led 100% by the spirit. #simple

Simple definition of a heretic - anyone who disagrees with me. Be of one mind with ME dissidents!!! #denomination #apologetics #fakeunity

Life Coaching Tip #2 - Dissidents and critics are a waste of time. Answer 'em twice and then hand them to Satan for a sound thrashing. AMEN!

Bring on the 2nd coming already!!! Can't wait to tear you Xmas-loving backsliders a new one in the millennium. #weak #backslider #Jesus

#Xmas time right around the corner. Perfect time for you to lay Galatians 4:10 on thick and heavy to your friends, co-workers, neighbours!

Life Coaching Tip #1 - If someone is questioning you, shun them asap. Nobody who has the truth (like I do) need bother explaining it #WWCG

Elder sought - Male, between 18-29, limited life-experience, no nose-piercings, must be obedient, well groomed and gullible. No dissidents!

You dissident pagan piss-ants know I'll be bringing it in the millennium. There's no hiding once I've got me a spiritual body. #2ndcoming

Thank Christ all those dissident hangers on are finally out of my freaking life. #weakinthefaith #galatians410 #iwwb #mikevinson #cult

What's up dissidents? Remember you're only the elect of Christ if I say you are! #iwwb #mikevinson #biblealsosays