Monday, 22 October 2012

Download the Revelation Commentary

The original Revelation commentary penned by Mike Vinson and his associate Rob Jones can be downloaded in HTML format herePlease note - you must right click and "save target as."

Once the file is downloaded, unzip or unpackage the file and you can then read the commentary for yourself using a web browser. 

This is made available for those who wish to know the truth of the matter surrounding the split between Mike Vinson and L. Ray Smith. This is THE commentary in which Vinson declared himself "sinless" and then when challenged about it, simply restated his position. He received far more than 2 admonitions about his doctrines in this commentary and everybody concerned was patient and longsuffering with him during this time. This is undoubtedly far more than I can say for Mike Vinson himself when it comes to other people.

Please also note, I will be posting the commentary in full on this blog, as time permits.

I also suggest you read L. Ray Smith's commentary on Vinson's Revelation handiwork by visiting this page.

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