Thursday, 10 April 2014

IWWB's Birthday Madness Continues

The anti-birthday teaching over at fringe WWCoG splinter group IWWB seems to be gaining even more momentum, and appears to have become quite the emphasised doctrine, much like "hated of all men" and "after the second admonition… reject." 

This is amazing to observe, as when I was expunged from the group, I was told that I could remain in the fellowship, so long as I kept my mouth shut about birthdays.

Incredibly, I had never bought the topic up for discussion with anyone, at any time, prior to this episode. Instead, it was Mike and his peanut elders who were emphasising the doctrine and making an idol out of birthdays, doing the very thing they accused others of and as a result, engaging in overt hypocrisy.

Moreover, you would think, given the amount of air-time IWWB dedicate to this doctrine, that the bible is explicit about this matter. Of course, IT ISN'T and Mike and his fellow hangers-on must instead shoehorn the doctrine into any verse that sounds remotely like it's a fit. 

A person who left the fellowship shortly before I did, observed that the IWWB anti-birthday doctrine had become the new "sinners prayer" of the fellowship. In other words, just mouth acquiescence to this doctrine, and you're now part of the spiritually elite club.

IWWB poster boy, Mitch Kuhn, stated this overtly in his paper on "How To Wage Spiritual Warfare" where he says the following:
We must do the same and wait until those new among us have withstood persecution from the world. A good indicator is how we handle our physical families which often give us great persecution when we begin to withdraw from the ways of the world.
This is why Days, Months, Times and Years is so important. It is a key way that the Lord manifests what is in our hearts. It is fine for new soldiers to struggle with this initially, but before we lay hands on them, call them a fellow disciple, and send them off to strengthen others, we must see them stand up for the truth and wage war. If they seek conditions of peace, then they are not a part of our mature army yet; they may need more time to grow into that role.
Despite Kuhn's rhetoric, no such instructions are found in the NT scriptures regarding birthdays and there are no such prohibitions placed on new believers regarding this. 

The only thing that the Apostles charged gentile believers with was to abstain from eating blood, from eating animals that had been strangled at death (how would you know?), from sexual immorality, and lastly, from visiting a pagan temple and purchasing meat that had been used in sacrifice to another god. Even then, the last point was later rescinded by Paul as being a matter of conscience. Birthdays are not mentioned in either a positive, not a negative light in a specific manner by any author in the bible anywhere.

This all just illustrates that the anti-birthday doctrine of Mike Vinson and his servile henchmen is yet another that IWWB "read into" the bible, and then project upon their congregants in an authoritative manner.

The most recent propaganda that IWWB have published on this topic comes from dazed and doting acolyte Victor Torres. The so-called "Spiritual Significance of Birthdays" (with footnotes by former Muslim, Mr Ayo!) is, as I have covered before, a completely plagiarised version of what the WWCoG splinter groups have been saying for years. 

Despite the title, I see no "spiritual significance" of anything in the writing. The entire basis and premise of Victor's paper is to compare "physical with physical," which, by the way, happens to be the complete opposite of what Vinson claims he does when approaching the scriptures. 

But all the same, take a listen to the ravings of the IWWB faithful as they attempt to shore up this doctrine. 

To kick it off, here is Father Vinson doing his utmost by "reading into" the scriptures, his anti-birthday doctrine by saying that if you're celebrating birthdays, you're spiritually dead:

Vinson pulls his arguments (if you can even call it that) from Jesus words in Luke 9:60, where Jesus allegedly tells a man who first wanted to bury his dad before he followed him to: "let the dead bury their own dead." But apparently, this is really about birthdays? 

The mental lunacy and desperate cherry picking here is off the charts!

Here is another IWWB minion, "Steve," who seems happy to get in on the act as well:

In a case of extreme irony, Steve starts out by saying that birthdays are wrong because you are elevating someone. These simple-minded retainers have again placed the nook around their own necks because as I have covered before, the testimonials on IWWB elevate Mike Vinson above all others. 

So apparently, it's OK to elevate Father Mike 24-7, 365 days of the year, but not a family member for a single day out of the year. Makes total sense! Not. 

Here is another; take a listen to IWWB disciple "Victor" who pulls the guts of his argument from what is not in the bible, (referred to as the "argument from silence") a fallacious and deceptive way of making a point that does not stand up to scrutiny, and something I have caught Mike Vinson out doing in the past.

The argument from silence is a clear fallacy, and as stated on the Wiki page linked to above: "... arguments from silence themselves are also generally viewed as rather weak in many cases; or considered as fallacies."

And again, you hear the class-based system that IWWB employ: "the people in Babylon."
This is IWWB-speak for anyone who is a part of any group that is not IWWB. They see themselves as the spiritual elite, God's chosen, and anyone else is simply deceived and following Satan, whether they want to acknowledge it or not.

Lastly, we have another IWWB running dog, "Wendy" who struck me as being particularly self righteous as she tries to imply that birthdays, or anything else not endorsed by IWWB is an excuse for "drunken orgies" of all things. 

Wendy states: 
I look at all of 'em, they're all drunken orgies, it doesn't matter what titles they want to give to them…
Ah… really? Drunken orgies? I've been to a lot of birthdays in my time, but cannot honestly say that a single one has turned into a drunken orgy. 

All we see here is defamatory rhetoric, which is about all that Mike and his sycophants have up their sleeves. They use arguments from silence (a documented fallacy), borrow verbatim from other WWCoG splinter groups, (ahem - known as plagiarising!) and when all else fails, resort to the defamatory spin we see above. 

And more to the point, it seems they simply cannot stop talking about birthdays! Now why is that? One does indeed wonder.

This doctrine has attained gold-level status in IWWB and one would be forgiven for thinking that the pages of the NT writings must be filled with anti-birthday sentiment. After all, Mike and his butt-hurt birthday misers claim to have the "one mind" of Jesus Christ. He also states that he never "goes above that which is written."

And further, as outlined above, Kuhn and Vinson use the anti-b'day doctrine as a kind of initiation rite within IWWB to determine if a potential lackey is suitable fodder for the fellowship. In my opinion, it's a case of seeing how far someone will "bend over" in order to checklist their level of controllability. Mike and Mitch want the simple minded in their fellowship, and certainly don't want to attract those who can think and reason for themselves.   

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