Monday, 5 November 2012

Commentary Craziness - Chapters 1-3

The following are select quotes from the infamous "Revelation Commentary" (referred to hereafter as "R.C") chapters 1-3, as penned by Mike Vinson and his spiritual side-kick, Rob Jones. 

I have given a very brief comment after each quote but in all likelihood, the verbatim quotes listed below should give any level-headed individual some pause. Quotes are bullet-pointed and italicized and use the "..." designate after-the-fact to show that there may be text following. 

Please note - Vinson claims to have repented of the "we no longer sin" perfection in the flesh doctrine but to my knowledge, has not and did not acknowledge the other bizarre doctrines found within.the R.C, many of which can be ascertained by reading through the below. Also, it should be noted that while Vinson "claims" he repented of the "fullness now" doctrine (the belief that he is/can be perfected in the flesh) he recently reiterated that very thing. In late 2010, Vinson stated: "the day comes when you DO overcome sin, you actually just, are given the dominion, the day comes!"

Chapter 1

  • Our natural mind is not even capable of receiving the things of God because the things of God are only spiritually discerned. They are not discerned naturally. Take this to heart before jumping into the rest of this paper...

Note how Vinson puts his own writing/commentary on a level with scripture? He says: "take this to heart before jumping into the rest of the paper..."

  • The book of Revelation is Christ’s blueprint or Cliff’s Notes to each of us whom He chooses to perfect in this lifetime...

Uh oh... This is the first tell-tale sign of the "we no longer sin" doctrine!

  • The book of Revelation is intended, not to be read, but to be experienced. Each of us has but a short time to experience Revelation and for Christ to perfect us into His image...

More of the "we no longer sin" nonsense but also, note the first part of the comment? This is the mere tip of the iceberg with Vinson. He is hell-bent, it seems, on "experiencing" all of the so-called "tribulation" in the book of Revelation. Pray tell: how does one experience being "Satan" and being "bound for 1000 years?" (Revelation 20:2)

  • Christ is calling His elect to not only read and understand the book of Revelation, but to also experience all that it entails both good and bad, right now in this lifetime....

More of the same mentioned above. Again, how does one experience being "earth and sky" (Revelation 20:11) or "the sea" that "gives up it's dead?" (Revelation 20:13).

  • So who are these angels?  These angels are us, His elect or chosen ones...

This is a big thing with Vinson and IWWB. They believe that they alone are "the elect" or the unique and special "chosen ones." This they say, is due to Christ loving them more than others. More on this later.

  • Unlike His elect, the churches will not inherit eonian life. They must first perish for not being in the right hand of Christ. But we, Christ’s elect are His sheep and thus are guaranteed eonian life...

Interesting that Vinson flames the "orthodox church" for maintaining a "one saved, always saved" philosophy when here, Vinson essentially espouses the same thing, only this time, it is of course restricted to "the elect" - Vinson's code word for those who are a part of his IWWB fellowship! (Please note, Vinson says in Chap. 3 of the R.C: "All of Christianity says that once saved, always saved.")

  • Yes John was isolated on an island for the word of God and for the testimony of Jesus Christ and so are each of God’s elect... 

If only Vinson did actually live on an island! Does he though? No he does not.

Chapter 2

  • Look once again and see that we are given a clear picture where Satan dwells. Where is Satan’s seat? It is in the church...

Vinson has intense dislike for mainstream Christianity and orthodoxy, which he calls, in his commentary, the work of Satan. Here, he essentially says that Satan is worshipped within the church.

  • Ask yourself how many times this week you've prayed for the insurgents over in Iraq. OK, but don’t we at least have a responsibility to take up arms to defend our own families? No, we don’t...

Vinson is a bona-fide "full-pacifist." He teaches that if a man comes into your home to rape your wife and murder your children, you can do anything to defend them, so long as you DON'T physically retaliate. 
  • The church, in God’s eyes, is merely co-mingled with the rest of the world in its love for the world and sin...

Again, Vinson flames orthodoxy as sin-loving Satan worshippers. Who knows... maybe they are? But it's a pretty broad generalization, don't you think?

  • Yes, Christ is actually saying he will kill his elect with death...

This is nuts but simply more evidence of Vinson's "kill em all" mentality. Did someone say "good news of the gospel?" I think Mike Vinson hates his life and the magic of living and so wants to emphasize death and dying within the scriptures. Why else would someone keep hammering these points?

  • The purpose of the millennial reign, my friend, is so that the world can be ruled with a rod of iron in order to prep them for their inevitable destruction. Yes, that’s right. When Christ is ruling with a rod of iron along with His elect during the millennial reign, he is preparing the rest of the world’s population for utter destruction...  

Isn't that comforting? Christ, apparently, is setting it all up just to smash it all down again! 
More good news from the Mike Vinson school of hermeneutics. 
  • So yes, even Christ and His elect needed to be broken to shivers in order to be made into a new vessel, one that ‘seemed good to the potter to make’. I know many of you are saying to yourself, I can understand His elect needing to be broken and destroyed of their flesh but why Christ? Why did Christ have to be broken?  Wasn’t He perfect? Yes, He was but He was made in the flesh...

Here's the crux of Vinson's doctrine. He honestly believes that flesh in and of itself is "sinful." Not the intentions of a person's soul but their very flesh and blood itself. Apparently, even Jesus flesh was evil and as a result, he needed his ass whooped some.

  • Here’s something else for to ponder. What about babies? Are babies still being born during the millennial reign? If so, are they also being prepared for destruction along with ‘all others’? Yes, as difficult as this may sound, the term ‘all others’ is inclusive of babies as well...

Even babies are on the Vinson hit-list. Because after all, babies are born in "flesh" aren't they? And remember, flesh is evil and sinful! I guess we should forget what Jesus said about little ones coming to him (Matthew 19:14 - "...for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.") because Vinson is the "elect" and he says babies are being prepared for destruction.

Chapter 3

  • So what is meant by he shall go out no more? What Christ means here is that we will no longer depart from the faith. We will no longer fall away. We will no longer fail of the grace of God...

Vinson believes that as the elect, you can be cocksure of your status. Again, note how he flamed orthodox Christians for holding to a "one saved always saved" doctrine when again, he here reiterates the same thing? Seems an awful lot like hypocrisy to me.

  • But remember, these are those who say that they are in Christ and that they have Christ in them but do not. This is the entire orthodox Christian church...

Vinson keeps playing this card. It's all throughout the commentary.

  • Those of His elect are truly without sin...

Ah whoops! Remember, when you read the phrase "the elect," that's Vinson describing himself.

  • We, the elect, must continue in that very chastening in order to be found worthy...

There it is again, "chastening" and punishment. Vinson gets off on this and it's obvious that his God is one sadistic ass-hole who just can't wait to kick the rear-end of his elect.  


  1. This is false accusations. I know mike Vinson. He like all men in the flesh, even YOU make mistakes. But I tell you this man has been given the truth and is speaking that truth. Those with God given ears will hear the voice of the true shepherd and a strangers voice we will not follow. 1 John 4:6 those who are of God will hear us and those who are not of god will not hear our words. This is how we know is of the spirit of error versus the spirit of truth

    This web site and the words here are of the spirit of error

    1. Thanks for your comment about Mike Vinson.

      You say these are "false accusations?" Really, how is that, exactly? I have simply copied and pasted Mike Vinson's own writings and his own words. If you don't like it, then I suggest you take it up with Vinson himself.

      You also say he is "like all men in the flesh..."
      Well, I've got some breaking news for you - that is NOT what Mike Vinson says about himself.

      In the commentary, he attempted to propose that he had attained perfection. Recently, in late 2010 and then again in 2012, he said virtually the same thing, that he had gained "dominion" over sin. Here are two links that you can check out where you can hear for yourself Vinson's own words:

      Vinson uses the word "dominion" in both instances. Dominion is defined as "supreme authority" and "absolute ownership."
      "Dominus" (the words from which our English "dominion" is derived) in latin means "lord or master." So in truth, Vinson is stating he is "lord and master" and has absolute ownership" over sinning. Sin, as you might know means "to miss the mark."

      But YOU say, I have made "false accusations?" It sounds like someone is invested in a personal relationship with Mike Vinson and doesn't want to admit that there's a real issue here. In fact, that is exactly what is going on here because you say "I know Mike Vinson..."

      And finally, don't bother using your fallacious black and white scripture verses with me, as though it is going to sway me one bit. You quote 1 John 4:6 and then conclude that somehow, because you say so, and happen to disagree, this website doesn't have the spirit of truth.

      You've provided no counter-arguments excepting your own ignorant opinion, but I guess that's why you're in cahoots with Mike Vinson. He's an ignorant fundamentalist Christian as well who thinks that because he says something, then it carries some kind of spiritual stamp of approval as well. He also seems to attract non-critical thinkers and those who lack some education.

      I strongly suggest you do a little research on the matter before you come here with your "false accusations." I've done my homework - clearly you haven't.

  2. If this guy needs a man to tell him the truth he is in big trouble. Vinson is just another Herbert Armstrong or Jim Jones. If you follow a man you do NOT follow God, God is NOT a man. Jesus gave his life so that YOU can have a personal relationship with God but you seem to need an additional mediator, Vinson, when there is only one mediator between God and man, Jesus Christ. All these fakers like Vinson set themselves up as your connection to God when you should have your own.

    1. Hi Lee, thanks again for your insights here.

      Yes, Mike Vinson indeed sets himself up as an intermediary between God and his disciples. He promotes a culture whereby those in his fellowship must be in agreement with him and his elders. If you are not, you are called a "heretic" among other derogatory terms (including "hanger on," "dissident" and more) and further, you are told that if you are not in agreement 110% with Mike, this then means that you do not have the "one mind of Jesus Christ."

      Also, Mike refers to himself and his lady-boy elders as "saviours."

      Vinson refers to his fellowship as "THE" body, using the definitive article "the," as though, his is the only true sect of believers in the entire world of 7 billion people.

      When asked if there are other fellowships out there in the world, Vinson and his elders all agree that there may be, but that these other fellowships would be in complete agreement with Vinson and that there would be no differences or distinguishable points in either party's doctrines.

      Mitch Kuhn has said this, when asked about this point:
      There is to be unity in the body and the body knows the Truth. Yes, there very well may be other faithful brothers somewhere in the world and they too will have the mind of Christ so we will all be in agreement.

      Here are some other outrageous quotes by Mike and his henchmen -

      Mike Vinson: I simply teach what Christ taught, and do what He tells me to do, and let the Lord deal with the hearts of those in our fellowship.

      Mike Vinson: It seems all the hangers on are just about gone now but I have no doubt that there will be plenty of opportunity for the adversary to continue doing his job.

      Mitch Kuhn and David Turnball: Being able to participate in GOD'S TRUE MINISTRY (IWWB) on this earth and reap the fruits thereof is a wonderful privilege, reserved for his saints and hidden from the rest of the world.