Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Update 2013

Greetings folks. As you may know, I had planned to go through the entirety of Mike Vinson's heretical Revelation commentary, something that would have taken a lot of time and labor to achieve. However, I found the more I read this document, the less I cared about pin-pointing exactly where and how cult-leader Vinson had gone wrong. The entire commentary is so thoroughly riddled with half-truths, unsubstantiated and unknowable truth-claims and bald-faced assertions the likes of which even the most hardy Kool-aid drinker would be forced take take a second look at. L. Ray Smith, Vinson's one-time spiritual companion lamented the same train of thought when he said: 
I told him that this commentary could not be salvaged. That the entire premise is wrong, and there are so many other un-scriptural heresies in it that it simply cannot be salvaged. Mike totally disagreed and argued. The truth is (though not as important), it has dozens and dozens (maybe hundreds) of grammatical errors and sloppy formatting. It is almost impossible to read. There are virtually no breaks between the hundreds and hundreds of Scriptural references and the commentary.
However, be my guest and feel free to do this examine the commentary in detail yourself, as the work is available for download HERE.

My main point of focus in terms of exposing Mike Vinson is to simply catch him out in his own words and then post this for others to listen to via my YouTube channel

Vinson has been so thoroughly discredited in the past 2 years since I left that quite honestly, I am surprised he has managed to retain the faithful remnant that he has. 
Now, how has he been discredited you may ask? Below are some basic subject headings, with links to appropriate YouTube videos where you can hear for yourself Vinson's fallacious rhetoric, special pleading and in some cases, outright lies and speculation.

Going Above That Which Is Written

One of Vinson's earliest "truth-claims" was that he and his preservation society (er, that's IWWB folks...) do not "go above that which is written" - something they say that virtually all other Christian denominations do. Vinson claims that he just "sticks with the word of God" and "doesn't vacillate." Vinson bases this doctrine on 1 Corinthians 4:6 which reads: 
Now, brothers and sisters, I have applied these things to myself and Apollos for your benefit, so that you may learn from us the meaning of the saying, "Do not go beyond what is written." Then you will not be puffed up in being a follower of one of us over against the other.
However, I have caught Vinson out numerous times doing this exact thing, going above that which is written. Vinson, like virtually all other denominational leaders writes his own version of the gospel narrative and where appropriate, sees fit to fill in the missing elements with his own fantastical claims. 

Mike Vinson says that Jesus knew the 12 apostles before he called them, and that "they were from his area..." How could Vinson possibly know this for a certainty? He cannot.

Vinson also states that when Jesus drove the money changes out of the temple, he didn't touch a person with that whip and that further, Jesus was also apparently quoting scripture while he was doing it. Again, while this may or may not be true, Vinson has no way of knowing this for a certainty and is dealing in pure speculation here.

Lastly, Mike Vinson claims to know the intricacies of what took place between named and shamed heretics within the scriptures. He claims these men did not come to Paul or John with other brothers: "so don't think they did because they didn't." Pure speculation yet again.

So don't believe Mike Vinson when he claims to "stick with the word of God" because clearly, that is yet another carefully crafted deception. 

Publicly Shaming His Family

Sadly, Mike Vinson seems to see no problem with airing his family matters before all and sundry via the internet. He regularly quotes and then mocks the biblical position of his sons and his sons' wives. He has even gone as far as to say that one of his son's is "not part of the body [of Christ] anymore..." As though somehow, Mike Vinson has the exclusivity of who and who is not a part of the body of Christ and a true disciple. Unbelievably, Vinson then turns around and announces that he is the one persecuted for his beliefs and that his family "hates him" and are rallying against him for standing on the word of God. In truth, Mike Vinson is the one attempting to hold everyone else to his standards, not the other way around.

This is a very obvious danger sign, do you think Vinson will deal fairly with you considering how he treats his own flesh and blood?  Further, this rhetoric of Mike Vinson demonstrates the "persecution complex" that he suffers from.

Money, Money, Money

Mike Vinson and his team of elders recently made a colossal blunder in their doctrine...  They very openly and plainly began to ask the congregants for money. This was a dramatic signpost in the evolution of this group because it demonstrated, quite obviously, that these men were no different to any other religious organization, even though they strenuously claimed otherwise. 

This teaching was apparently spearheaded by IWWB hatchet man Mitch Kuhn and a now defunct elder named David Turnbull. Together, these 2 Mike Vinson wanna-be's cooked up a little dossier titled "Funding God's Ministry." The PDF document has since been cooked from the IWWB vault so don't bother looking for it but I have some select quotes here. These will raise the hair on the back of your neck and might I add, if you're a former World-Wider, they'll also give you that "retro" feeling to boot:

  • Being able to participate in GOD'S TRUE MINISTRY on this earth and reap the fruits thereof is a wonderful privilege, reserved for his saints and hidden from the rest of the world.
  • To truly bless these ministers, we should give them our love and affection, and send kind words and letters of encouragement IN ADDITION to our physical support.
  • Paying God’s ministers the wages they are due is being rich towards God. They are God’s spiritual employees. How do we treat God’s servants?
  • We no longer need to hoard riches for the future because we now understand that there is no security other than our security in the Lord.
  • Think about this for a moment. Of all the people that have ever lived, THE LORD HAS CHOSEN US. He is showing us the mysteries of the kingdom of God.
  • We must become content with less physical things in this world. Our true satisfaction comes from spiritual riches, so all we need in the physical is for our basic needs to be met.

As far as I know, there was significant blow-back over this teaching and as a result, elder for a day David Turnbull was designated as the scapegoat and subsequently, hung out to dry. Obviously, Mike had to recant his doctrine, or risk losing followers. Vinson, as he always does, played down his role and stated the following: 
To be perfectly honest, I was swamped with emails, phone calls, and skyping, and I was more of an overseer, or a contributor, than I was the leader of this study into the support of the ministry. David Turnbull was the driving force behind that study...
You can read Vinson's attempt to dig himself out of the hole by downloading the PDF on this HERE. However, before you read that PDF, you may want to hear Vinson taking part in the discussion on that topic. You ca do so by listening to some audio HERE and HERE. Ask yourself, while you listen to it, whether Vinson truly was a passive participant, as he claimed he was. Additionally, view my YouTube videos about this issue below:

More Videos

You can view more videos on my YouTube channel and as I say, that is the primary platform I use for exposing the truth behind Mike Vinson's IWWB cult. I now have close to 50 videos there and you can hear Vinson for yourself, which is of course, the most damning indictment there is when it comes to exposing this man and his movement. Check out the channel HERE.

I will leave this blogger page up indefinitely but I won't be making too many more in-depth posts unless of course I feel it's a necessity. You are however, welcome to leave comments and be assured I will respond to these in a timely manner.


  1. Scripture says that no man can teach you and that spiritual knowledge comes from the Holy Spirit and that all this knowledge that comes from God will be true because God cannot lie. Men like Vinson set themselves up to replace the Holy Spirit and Jesus as they claim to be teachers and a mediator between God and the flock that follows them. Men can lie and be deceived but Gods Holy Spirit cannot. It is God who calls and chooses people not men and it will be God who teaches them not men. Jesus gave his life for this reason. Those who follow a man, any man, are not following God.

    1. Hi, thanks for the comment. I agree with your comment: " Men like Vinson set themselves up to replace the Holy Spirit and Jesus as they claim to be teachers and a mediator between God and the flock that follows them..."

      No argument there! Vinson indeed sets himself up as a mediator and has said on many occasions that his fellowship is: "THE body." Note the definite article "THE." This seems to be intentional on Vinson's part. He has been asked about this many times, and tries to downplay it but then, when he outs a person, will then state that such and such has fallen away and is: "not part of the body anymore."

      However, I have to disagree with you on God not lying. If you take the time to carefully critique the bible, you will see that it does contradict itself and that it is not 100% internally consistent.

      Thanks anyway.