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The 2nd Coming of Mike?

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's Mike Vinson, version 2.0!!!
Mike says he will possess super-powers in the not too distant future, will be able to move at the speed of light, chow down a hamburger and also, be able pass through concrete walls.  

Mike Vinson, in a recent post to his IWWB website, continues to fill the heads of his acolytes with inane and nonsensical fantasy, no doubt designed to keep them participating in the endless groundhog day cycle of his fellowship.

In the latest post, Mike explains the new superhuman abilities awaiting him and those who take heed to his words, once Jesus finally makes it back to planet Earth.

Here is a sample of what Mike Vinson says:
The fact that I acknowledge that we, as His persecuted few, are "Jesus of Nazareth" in no way means that we are the head or that our Head will not be here on earth when He sets up His elect as literal physical rulers of this earth. He Himself is here now, and He Himself has never left us...
Mike can never resist throwing in the one-liner about he and his group alone being the "persecuted few." Everyone else, apparently, is too busy worshipping themselves.
Or, he says, they are vicariously and unknowingly praying to Satan, who apparently (according to Mike) has dressed up in a Jesus costume at the behest of the Father, in order to fool the entire world. Sounds legit.

The Lord, a spirit Himself, appeared to Abraham in the plains of Mamre. He ate of the fatted calf with Abraham. He did not figuratively meet with and eat with Abraham, and that is the way it will be during the time when God's spiritual elect are ruling this physical, carnal earth. They will appear at that time as Christ appeared to His carnal physical disciples after His own resurrection to a body of spirit.
One of Mike's peculiar doctrines is that, as a reanimated spiritual body in the millennium, he will be able to pass through walls but simultaneously, eat a hamburger if he decides.
So if the ability to move at the speed of light and still appear as a physical body, enjoying the fatted calf and broiled fish and honeycomb "sounds crushing" to you, I do not know what to say. I myself cannot wait. With such abilities as these in the hands of God's elect, taking power from the world leaders and all of their generals will not even be a challenge.
There you have it  - the speed of light, eating food (again?!) and of course, kicking dissident ass seven ways to Sunday.

It's a sad thing to see a grown man like Mike entertaining such bizarre fantasy as this, but sadly, such thinking is a testament to his lifelong investment in the "word of God." He is now at the point of no return, and cannot back out of his biblical imaginings for fear of losing grip on the "prize" that apparently awaits him.

In another article, Mike was asked how long one could expect to wait for this elusive second coming of Jesus. After all, it's been 2,000+ years already. Surely far longer than the apostles or early Christians thought it would ever be. It was sore point in Paul's time,
with early Christians lamenting that the 2nd coming was dragging out far too long already.

One reader of IWWB happened to ask Mike, might this second coming be, maybe 10,000 years away?

What was Mike's response to this question? Well, apparently, 10,000 years is far too long for Mike to be waiting around! Here is what Mike Vinson had to say on the topic:
No, absolutely not! The seven day week and the seven holy days of the Jewish calendar year are both the Old Testament types of God's Workings with mankind during what Paul calls "time eonian."
You see, Mike buys into the notion of the earth being roughly, at this point, 6,000 years old. Such a position assumes that science and scientific method is a total farce, that the devil hid dinosaur bones in the earth to test the faith of believers and that bigfoot must have stowed away on Noah's ark.

The rationale of such a position says that there were 2,000 years from Adam to Noah, then 2,000 years from Noah to Jesus and lastly 2,000 years from Christ to now. Thus, making 6,000 years in total that apparently, mankind has been in rebellion to the Lord.

Just as God took 6 days to make the earth, so, apparently, he is taking 6,000 years to get done on earth whatever it is he is getting done. So you see, anytime soon, Jesus could be rocketing down through the stratosphere to take us all unawares.

Of course, at some point - maybe a hundred years, maybe 200 or perhaps it will take another thousand, people will start to get the idea that Christianity isn't founded on facts or reason, but mere fantasy. If there is no 2nd coming of Jesus, then obviously, it discredits the entire New Testament. As Paul the apostle laments:

1 Corinthians 15:24 And if Christ has not been raised, our preaching is useless and so is your faith.
Mike Vinson and other spiritual leaders of his ilk keep their acolytes in a zone of thinking that prohibits them from living in the moment. Instead, they are under the illusion that life will get better "one day." When? When Jesus returns, of course! 

It should also be noted that at one point, Mike believed and published on his website under the subheading of his infamous Revelation commentary - the very same one which he declare himself "sinless," quote: We (Vinson and another soap-dropping disciple "Rob Jones") NO LONGER COMMIT SIN - that before he could finish his discourse on the mysteries of Revelation, Jesus may well be sailing through the cosmos, and stopping off at Flowery Branch:

Of course, that was some years ago. And where is Wally Jesus now?

In a moment of Orwellian double-speak, Mike calls this delusion  of his "faith" and has the audacity to name living in the moment a "vanity."  

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