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Marriage Advice, Date Night and Gay Bashing

Modern day Moses (Mike Vinson), God's true prophet and messenger in these end times, has hit a new ministry low. Not content with railing against those who partake in birthdays or Christmas, or sniping at those who have left the confines of his cult-of-personality, Vinson is now "gay bashing" in his studies, among other things. Let me explain -

A few weeks ago, I listened in on a "live" bible-study. The topic at hand was the institution of marriage, something Vinson believes was founded by his bloodthirsty god YHWH in the fairy-tale garden of eden. 

Even though marriage ceremonies pre-date the writing of the book of Genesis, and even though many marriages within the bible were polygamous, and women were just property to be bought and sold, Vinson thinks his opinion on the matter trumps them all and is therefore "truth." 

Despite Vinson's teaching on this matter, "biblical" marriage was essentially a case of a man acquiring wives (not just one) in order to ensure his lineage and name lived on. As soon as a girl had "flowered" (read: had her first period) she was considered ripe for the picking by a suitor, and this could be as young as twelve. Love really had little or nothing to do with it. A father had the authority to marry off his daughter and it was a case of "too bad, how sad" in terms of the prospective wife's feelings.

Despite verses in the bible which tell us that a woman must have her head covered (1 Cor. 11:6), shut her mouth in church (1 Cor. 14:34) and ask her husband later, and that she is only saved through child-bearing (1 Timothy 2:15), Vinson will snake his way around these by claiming these are really "spiritual" claims, and not to be taken literally. How convenient. 

Vinson's take on marriage is essentially the 1950's white-picket fence version - 2 young heterosexual's coming together to be married for life, with the man the authoritarian head and the wife, the stay at home type, content to raise the children and cook and clean the family home for her man. It's a nice fantasy, but the simple facts are, times have changed and Mike Vinson and his 50's ideals no longer apply the way they used to.

Mike's marriage advice includes warnings against "falling in love" which he likens to "falling in lust." 

In a study titled "What Are the Biblical Instructions for Finding a Wife," Vinson makes the following statements:
There is one such huge lie perpetrated upon us which most of us have believed at some time in our lives. It is the lie that you can, and should, “fall in love” with another person before you get married. According to this lie, this event is supposed to be completely out of your control, and it is considered to be the most important sign that you are marrying the right person. “Falling in love” is really nothing more than falling in lust, and many times we don’t even realize it while it is happening. We actually believe the lie that love is uncontrollable and this is what is supposed to happen.
We certainly need to be in love with our spouse, but it is never to be out of our control
We have learned that there is no such thing as “falling in love”, and that the truth is that we are dragged to love our mate through the trials of marriage, which teach us that we do not live to ourselves, nor do we die to ourselves.
As someone who has been married for 16 years, I can honestly say that Vinson's advice is about as stupid as you can get. In my opinion, YES - you should "fall in love" with another person. There needs to be some chemistry, sexual and otherwise. This idea of being "dragged" to your mate sounds to me like it is borderline BDSM, or some such thing. 

Vinson also engages in some gay bashing, shaking his head in wonderment at President Obama giving his rubber stamp to same sex unions. Vinson even went so far as to say that gay marriage is "ruining the nation." 

It seems the more air-time Mike gets, the more Pat Robertson like his rhetoric becomes.
Here is God's true prophet, Mike Vinson:

Vinson's rhetoric speaks for itself - he demonstrates that he is unloving, critical and judgemental. He will not accept people "as they are" but instead, demands conformity before he can accept a person. To be in the Mike Vinson circle of trust requires that your ideals, values, beliefs and doctrine be identical to Mike Vinson's own. 

However, just as humanity moved on from legalised slavery, embraced interracial marriages and supported a woman's right to vote, so also will same sex unions be a cultural norm. 

Also, worth noting is that Vinson and his spiritual son Steve Crook have overhauled the IWWB website. In addition to some new visuals, they have adopted a bizarre private social media network called "IWWB Faces." This appears to be an just another extension of their fortress mentality; another vain attempt to cocoon themselves within the 4 walls of their own doctrines.

Lastly, on the "Fellowship" page of their new website, Vinson encourages his disciples to take part in a "date night with Christ." 

Quite honestly, I've never heard something so totally ridiculous. What is supposed to happen here? Does Jesus blow on your neck and slip his hands down your pants? 

And more to the point, doesn't this show that Mike himself is engaged in a homosexual relationship with a deceased Jewish rabbi?  

In another closely-related bible-study, Vinson seems to (unknowingly?) admit openly that he and Christ are engaged in a homosexual relationship, in exactly the same manner as apparently, Christ and his Father are also in a homosexual relationship. 

Here is what Vinson states:
Through the institution of marriage we learn that while we are the sons of Christ, we are at the same time also His bride, and He is our husband. In the same way, the institution of marriage teaches us that “the things that are made” (Rom 1:20), teach us that while Christ is the son of God and He too, is at the same time, the Father’s “life giver”, the Father’s ‘Eve’, the Father’s wife. “The head of Christ is God” (1Co 11:3).
The quote above was found hereIt is obvious to perhaps all but Mike and his fellow subservient Mike-ites, that the above statement is an open and candid admission that he, along with the other males in the IWWB fellowship, are engaged in a homosexual-style relationship with Jesus. The irony here is quite unbelievable!

Again, it seems that Mike has unknowingly outed himself as the very thing that he later takes up arms against. Truly bizarre. 

Mike Vinson's sad and unqualified marriage advice, his pathetic gay-bashing and his encouragement to his disciples to go on a "date with Christ" are but another milestone in the backwards development and downward spiral the IWWB group has taken. 

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