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Speaking of Witchcraft?

It seems that no matter how hard they try, Mike and his elders invariably trip themselves up again and again when it comes to their own doctrines. I have referred to this in the past, using metaphors such as "falling on their own sword" and "hanging themselves" because these figures of speech aptly sum up what is taking place. 

What is even more amusing though, is that Mike and his disciples appear to be totally unaware of this fact. One would think that those who profess to have absolute spiritual truth straight from the mind of God would know when and where they have missed the mark, but alas - this appears not to be the case!

Only a few days ago, I was listening to IWWB quasi-elder Mitch Kuhn's latest study titled "Blessed First Resurrection" and somehow, the discussion turned towards witchcraft, of all things. 

An IWWB disciple named Victor had this to say, about the topic:

Here is a transcript of the dialogue:

"Speaking of witchcraft... and I think I read an article in Mike's website that witchcraft is making something instantly, out of nothing or magic y'know when you look at the definition in the King James... the word witchcraft there... it's magic and it's making something out of nothing and the way I see it, it's... side-stepping the process that we're talking about you have to go through. Babylon you know, is still teaching smooth things, it's easy to be saved, it's just a 10-second prayer..."

Mitch Kuhn then chimes in and says: "Absolutely, that's the magic potion Victor. You know, you just take a Christian and you add water and a 10-second sinners prayer and poop, you're saved..."

When I initially heard this, I was amazed that IWWB vice-president Mitch Kuhn actually agreed! But it seems that Mitch didn't really think twice before putting his stamp of approval on what brother Victor had to say. That's not really surprising considering Mitch's powers of logic. I should also point out that Mike Vinson was present on the study and did not, at any-time, object to what was being said or add to that particular point. 

While the context of the discussion appears to be the 10-second sinners prayer and a simple confession of faith in order to convert a new believer, there is no denying the direct statement that witchcraft is tied to "making something instantly." Mike is adamant that Christ is taking time to do his work within the IWWB disciple (he calls this an "aion"), and is absolutely insistent that the PROCESS takes time. Hmm...

However, this statement and position is what has inadvertently undone one of Mike Vinson and IWWB's sacred cow doctrines - that of literal 7 day creationism, also sometimes referred to as "young earth creationism" or YEC for short. This theory posits that the earth is approximately 6,000 years old and that events recorded in the biblical text are meant to be interpreted literally, meaning that the 7 days of creation are in fact, 7 literal 24-hour time periods. 

It is amazing to me that Mike clings to this doctrine when in many, many other instances, he teaches that the biblical text cannot be taken literally and that it must be interpreted as metaphor and parable, and what he calls "spiritual language." Mike will even quote the apostle Paul from 2 Corinthians 3:6 "for the letter kills, but the spirit gives life." 

Mike will also use his "it's all spiritual" mantra to rationalize the bible out of any historical or internal contradictions it may present. However, on this particular point, Mike is stubbornly insistent on maintaining his fundamentalist roots and ideals.

Congruent with this, Vinson has seen the need to label anything contrary to the YEC position, such as evolutionary process, as an "insidious lie" of the adversary and on many occasions, has spoken out against such theories. Vinson frequently refers to anything that is apart from his fundamentalist dogma as: "an insidious attempt by the adversary" and "godless theories." He'll also quote frequently quote this scripture, which references "science falsely called."

On his website, Mike has made the following statements when he has been queried about alternate theories that arise from a non-literal reading of the Genesis text. 
The former things from the beginning went for out of God's mouth, and He did them suddenly. The Hebrew word for suddenly means instantly, it does not mean millions of years.
Which doctrine magnifies God's work which men behold? Which is the greatest God, the God who has to learn how to go about creating this physical universe, or the God who does it all instantly, in six days consisting of six evenings and six mornings?
Quote taken from here. Ahem, did you take note of Mike's use of the word instantly?
This, on the other hand, is true and you can take it to the bank: 
Exo 20:11 For in six days the LORD made heaven and earth, the sea, and all that in them is, and rested the seventh day: wherefore the LORD blessed the sabbath day, and hallowed it.
So "the heavens and the earth and the sea and all that is in them" was made in six days [instantly], and anyone who says otherwise is simply lacking in faith that God's Word can be trusted.
That quote has been taken from here. Again, Mike is emphatic that his position is truth, and that all others are simply lacking faith. 

But when you compare Mike's position to that of the IWWB disciple Victor, who made the statement that witchcraft was creating things instantly, without going through a proper process, you can see the cracks beginning to appear between the two doctrines.

Again, let's compare the two statements and positions: 

IWWB disciple Victor and Mitch Kuhn: 
Witchcraft is making something instantly, out of nothing... It's making something out of nothing... Side-stepping the process...
MIke Vinson:
The former things from the beginning went for out of God's mouth, and He did them suddenly. The Hebrew word for suddenly means instantly, it does not mean millions of years ... Which is the greatest God, the God who has to learn how to go about creating this physical universe, or the God who does it all instantly, in six days consisting of six evenings and six mornings?
Looked at side by side, this spiritual blunder amounts to an epic fail in terms of consistency and "maintaining a pattern of sound words" (2 Timothy 1:13). 

Mike can't have it both ways, although I am sure, if you were to take him to task on this, he would insist that he can. Make no mistake, Mike Vinson will proverbially piss down your back while smiling at you, and insisting that the sensation you are feeling is the rain. 

The bottom line is that it would seem that either Vinson is wrong about YEC or alternatively, he is openly admitting that there exists an alarming double-standard within his own peculiar statement of faith. 

Did God microwave the earth and the solar system, and everything within the universe instantly? If he did, then according to IWWB, that's witchcraft and he side-stepped the process. Or, did God take thousands or millions of years to form the earth, using a process? In that case, Genesis cannot be taken literally and Mike is wrong on his YEC creationism dogma and doesn't truly have the "mind of Christ" as he claims. 

It seems Mike is caught between a rock and a hard place, yet again. Checkmate!

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